8 Oakville Property Tips from our Broker of Record

We sat down with our Broker of Record to get her top 8 tips for purchasing a property in Oakville. For 2019 the average selling price in Oakville was just over $1 000 000 according to OMREB (the Oakville Milton Real Estate Board). Based on the average selling price we have tailored our tips to the expectations, guidelines and common features found in a million dollar listing in Oakville. Each family will have their own requirements but these are the general guidelines that our Broker of Record has come across in her 17 years of experience as a Real Estate Agent.

Tip Number 1:

Determine your lifestyle requirements before you begin your property search. Knowing if you need to commute to Toronto frequently on the GO Train, or what school you will be sending your children to will impact where you will be looking.

Tip Number 2:

Choose a style of home and property that appeals to you and your family. Consider factors such; as fronting onto the main thoroughfare or nestled into a quiet cul de sac? A large backyard or ravine backing? Full privacy? Located within a planned community or a custom home neighborhood? Heritage home or new build?

Tip Number 3:

Consider the interior layout of the home. How many en-suite bathrooms are required, is a large media room important or would you prefer an in-home theatre? How many bedrooms? One kitchen or two? Is the home orientation important?

Tip Number 4:

Would in-home amenities be important to your family? A Home Theatre for family movie nights? A swimming pool for the kids? A fenced backyard if you have pets? A finished basement with room for having friends over? A home office for managing your family’s finances.

Tip Number 5:

How would you see your family using the backyard? Is your husband the king of the grill and wants an outdoor barbecue area? Is a big backyard appealing or would you rather not worry about the grass? Do you need room for a patio set and some sun loungers? Is an outdoor kitchen something your family would enjoy?

Tip Number 6:

What size garage fits your family’s lifestyle? Do you need storage space for your ski/snowboard equipment? Space to air out the hockey equipment so it’s not in the house? How many cars does your family own and do you want to keep them all in the garage? Do you want to keep your gardening equipment in the garage or will you have a separate garden shed? The same can be asked for pool equipment, do you plan to keep it in your garage or a pool house?

Tip Number 7:

Is there sufficient storage to fit your family’s lifestyle. Do you collect wine? If so having a wine cellar or room to build a wine cellar is an important consideration. Is there a place to keep your Christmas decorations? Will your luggage have a home? Is there enough closet space for all your coats? How about your guest’s coats?

Tip Number 8:

Would you need to renovate the house? If so, what would need renovations? Perhaps the kitchen isn’t to your liking, or you need to install custom built-in closets? Do the bathrooms need an update? Bear in mind these renovations would add to your cost and it’s important to identify them at the outset so you have a clear picture of how much capital you will be investing into your home.

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