Investment Properties

We believe in helping you build a real estate empire of your own to ensure long-term financial success. Investment properties give you more financial freedom as well as generate income while you sleep.

An investment property is meant to give you a return on your investment, either through rental income and/or capital gains. There are two avenues an investment property can take: it can either be a short-term investment whereby the property is flipped within a short amount of time, or held for a long period of time as a part of a long-term strategy

Types of Investment Properties


Rental or flipped homes are the most popular type of residential investment properties.

A rental property is bought with the purpose of being rented to tenants. A rental property tends to be a long-term investment.

A flipped homes is a home purchased, renovated and then resold within a short period of time.


Investment properties can be exclusively used for business purposes. Though they may be more expensive to renovate and maintain, they also can yield the highest reward.


A mixed-use property is one that is used for both commercial and residential purposes. An example would be row houses with the main floor as retail and the upper levels as dwelling space.

Current Investment Projects

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