At Home Fitness Equipment – Fitness Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

Last week for Fitness Friday we shared with you 2 at home ab challenges to try out, we’ve been trying out the Alexis Ren Ab Workout Everyday and our abs have never been more sore. This week we wanted share a few of our picks for at home fitness equipment that can fit anywhere from a condo to a palatial country estate (by that we do just mean small and easy equipment).

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are really versatile if you are in a pinch, you can do arm workouts and leg/glute workouts with them if you need to.

Try This Full Body Workout:

Try This Abs + Glute Workout:

Try This 30 Min Glute Workout:

Our Favourite Resistance Bands: Amazon

Sets like this with a wide range of resistances are our favourite, because you can work your strength up as well as mix and match the bands for a custom weight.

Our Favourite Hip Bands: Amazon

Hip Bands are the best if you are doing a lot of abduction based movement (moving your legs a part, side steps etc.) They are cloth covered so they are much more clip resistant and the thickness gives more support in the exercise.

Our Favourite Ankle Bands: P.Volve

While these are a luxury addition, they are amazing for adding additional weight and challenge to pilates moves. We like to use these for moves such as donkey kicks and fire hydrants which would normally cause regular resistance bands to roll up or cut into the back of our knees.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment because in addition to using it to do yoga (as the name suggests) it’s great for pilates, floor work or using it as a non slip base for things like lunges, split squats, mountain climbers etc.

Our Luxe Yoga Mat Pick: Lululemon

Lululemon makes some amazing yoga mats, which if you are interested in yoga (in particular hot yoga) they are amazing because they are quite sticky so you don’t slide around as much.

Our Favourite Yoga Mat: Indigo

These are nice and soft, if you are looking for an all rounder mat that you can use for your daily workouts and yoga this is the mat.

Ankle Weights

Ankle/Wrist Weights are the best for added an extra challenge to bodyweight exercises. Anything from arm circles to leg raises can have their difficulty increased with a light weight.

Try this Glute Workout:

Try this No Equipment Workout with Added Weight for a Challenge:

Aesthetic Ankle Weights: Bala Bangle

These are so cute but are really light, only 1lb. If you are a beginner or looking for a light ankle weight these will be perfect.

The Exact Ones We Own: Nike

We got these bad boys because they are 5lbs which is exactly what we wanted for leg raises and jump squats. They are really well made and super durable.


Sliders are super versatile and add a serious amount of challenge to your workout. Whether you are doing ab pikes or sliding lunges you will feel the burn.

Try this Full Body Workout:

Try this Core Workout:

Try this Glute Workout:

Cute and Affordable Sliders: Bala Bangles

The Fast Delivery Version: Amazon

What are your go-to home workout equipment items?

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