Fitness Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Every Friday we’ll be sharing workouts you can do from home, home equipment picks and more!

Today we are going to share two of the most popular workout challenges circulating on the internet which are incredibly difficult but are effective and only take 10 minutes per day!

The first challenge is the Alexis Ren 10 Minute Ab Workout. Most of the series we’ve seen have been doing the challenge everyday for 30 days and holy definition. If you are looking for an intense ab workout to add on to your regular workout routine this is the video for you. We’ve linked our favourite version which has fun music, beeps and calls out the exercises so you don’t have to look at the screen.

The second challenge is the Chloe Ting Two Week Shred. You can do the ab workout video as a stand alone challenge everyday or follow her full two week plan for a full body workout! This challenge is amazing if you are looking at kickstarting your fitness journey because it’s a full plan you can follow along making it easy to get into the swing of things or can be a great way to shake up your regular fitness routine with something new and challenging for your body..

Both challenges are an amazing way to get your body moving and your heart rate up while being at home and can be done with no equipment!

Let us know if you try one (or both!) of these challenges out!

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